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Fellow Yuletider, hi!

Whee! Here we go again! (Alt: If it's your first time, welcome!) I hope you're excited and not freaking out too much.

My general likes/dislikes have tended to stay consistent through the years. Feel free to read back through the tags below, and this year's is below, if you want.
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Bang-makers! If you have put a bang in the collection, you have been checked off! You are officially done until the week before reveal, when we'll be poking our noses in to make sure your bangs are complete. Feel free to report in on your progress, but it is no longer required.

Complementers! You are officially on deck! Your official poking and prodding begins now! So it is now vital that you respond to everything you signed up for. If there is something you're not going to complete, for any reason, please let us know - either in the comments here or on the Contact A Mod post. If you have posted your complement to the AO3, you have been checked off and do not need to check in again until the week before reveal (when we'll be looking at all the works for completeness).

Just a reminder, please take a look at the notes about posting and a posting tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact A Mod.

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Yuletide 2014 letter!
Yuletide writer! Wow, hi, suddenly we're here again! Welcome, if you're new to all this!

Okay, my general likes/dislikes tend to stay the same across the years (see my dear writer tag below if you want to browse past letters), but I reiterate them below, just in case ;)

This year, I'm carrying two old favourites very dear to my heart, and have found two new favourites in the fandom nomination list. The two new fandoms are fresher in my mind, so get All The Rambles. Word count doesn't correspond to amount of love; I would be equally delighted with getitng an Old Faithful filled, so to speak, as I would a more recent-to-me fandom.

Above the cut, general things!
If you're panicking about producing a fic where people have to Do Stuff, and there should probably be Plot and a Story Arc, and Character Development, and Characters Learning Shit! You totally don't have to. I'm all for 1,001 words of lazy Sunday afternoon; a bunch of vignettes or drabbles; a slice-of-life; a five-times fic; a missing scene or chapter, etc etc... I mean, if you've been bitten by a bunny that is all about the Plotty Character Development then shit yeah, run with it and be joyous. But it's not required.

I will say, though, that if you have an idea that you want to write for whatever fandom/s we've matched on? Write it. Ignore whatever I've said below and write it, seriously. If you're having a ball, that shines through no matter what you're writing, and I'll love it, too.

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I hope that helps! If you want more info, or you have questions, you can PM [personal profile] meghanc/[tumblr.com profile] meghantopus and they'll pass messages back and forth accordingly. Good luck, and have fun (and, let's face it, stress the hell out, but I hope the fun and excite balances out!).

[Captain America : the winter soldier fic] Paths not your own (unthought knowns)
Paths not your own (unthought knowns) (5702 words) by maharetr
Fandom: Captain America (Movies)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Winter Soldier, Natasha Romanov
Additional Tags: Brainwashing, Memory Loss, Hydra (Marvel), Torture, Mission Fic, Pre-Movie(s), Canon Compliant, Canon-Typical Violence

He remembers nothing.
There is nothing to remember.
But there are things he knows.

For the first time in forever I have written and finished a thing! And I'm posting about it! *needs to go lie down now*

Random reading post, to be updated as I remember
What I've read this year:
Arclight by Josin Mcquein: A solid enough post-apoca YA novel. Strong opening pacing. I finished it thinking that I would be interested in reading the second one, once she needed a plot, and where she'd take that plot.

Gifts by Ursula Le Guin: A bequilingly simple story. It does facinating, tiny things; setting us up with an expectation of Horrifying, Inevitable things to be revealed. This expectation kept me reading for a good half of the novel, even though there wasn't much in the way of plot. And then Le Guin introduces a gutting emotional component that kept me transfixed for the next quarter... and then she deftly subverts that initial expectation, does the reveal, and it's nothing like what we expected, and so much more horrfying than I ever expected, and I'm even now faintly shivery about it, thinking it through. Also interested in reading the sequel and where she starts/takes her plot.

Attempted to read:
A Thousand Kingdoms by N K Jeminsin: I gave it 50 pages, and then stopped because of consistencies and holes in worldbuilding. People are welcome to assure me it firms up, and I'll wade through the lengthy dream sequence that was the dealbreaker at page 50ish.

What I'm currently reading:
Monstrous regiment by Terry Pratchett
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Dear Ante Up Creator!
Ante-up Creator! Hi!

How you doing? I'm seriously excited it's that time of year again -- Losers things! I hope you're stoked, and not freaking out too badly. Hopefully you're going to look at my letter and go 'yaaay! I can do that!' If you don't... can I offer you reassuring hugs, and 'you're making something, just for me! So much love! <3.'?

Okay! This is a compilation of general notes from my Losers letter last year, and my Yuletide letter/s. You can also check out my 'dear writer' tag for the original letters.

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If you'd like to double-check something or want more specific details, I imagine you can contact [personal profile] kate or [personal profile] lady_krysis and they'd pass on a message?

Best of luck! Have fun! <3

Dear Yuletide writer!
Sorry! I hope you haven't needed to be refreshing too much!

I confess that I'm cobbling this together from other letters, and you can find those under the dear writer tag, if you want... I was going to say more information, but realistically it's the same information repeated in different ways. *wry grin*

I will say, though, that if you have an idea that you want to write for whatever fandom/s we've matched on? Write it. Ignore whatever I've said below and write it, seriously. If you're having a ball, that shines through no matter what you're writing, and I'll love it, too.

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Dear Labor
Labor/a guy called George Wright emailed me a few days ago, asking for donations to help win the 'neck and neck' polling race. He asked me to foward the email on to three friends. This was my mostly-coherent reply. I'm sending it to more than three friends.

Dear George,

I read the first email you (or your staff, whichever) sent with interest and pleasure. I was excited by even the possibility of a Labor win, given how bleak things had looked previously. I considered donating. I had $50 in my bank account earmarked 'political donation'. It was going to go towards Labor, and the sudden wild hope of that win.

Then the news of the PNG 'solution' broke, and I was horrified and disbelieving. Surely we weren't producing an asylum seeker policy that would leave *Abbott* impressed? And then the full page advertisements appeared: giant 'f*ck off, we're full', like the back of some racist bogan's ute, advertisements produced by *my government*, representing *my country* to the world.

And then this evening I saw the photo put out by DIAC, of the terrified woman learning what was going to happen to her, what my government was going to do to her, and to thousands of people. And I realised, vicerally, that *she could be me*, that she could be a friend of mine, any one of my loved ones. That if she was allowed to settle in Australia, that she could be my friend. And that we, *my country, my party* are terrorising her *for votes*.

"We get to choose the Australia we want to live in," you say.

I don't. I don't get to choose a Prime Minister who will treat her compassionately and who will care for her as she needs. Both Rudd and Abbott will treat her equally brutally. This is a nauseating realisation for me.

I do get to choose where I send my money, and my support. Accordingly, my donation money is going to the Greens. I will speak against this Labor government whenever I can, and I will speak for the Greens wherever I can.

This Australia you are speaking for is not an Australia I want to live in.

Yuletide 2012 recs
Squeaking in just in time with my Yuletide rec post!

I didn't read as nearly as wide as I wanted to be able to do this year, but there were standout fics everywhere! Here are a handful that made me laugh, cry, and/or gave me that heartsqueeze of recognition.

My gift!

Birth Neverwhere (Implied Hunter/Serpentine. Content notes: mentions of non-con)
The telling of Hunter's mortal growing up as a captive of the Roman Empire. This is realistically grim and brutal, and is a fiercely determined Hunter in every way possible. It's weird still, to me, to be thinking: 'someone wrote me grim, brutal fic! Yay!' But, YAY! :D

Other recs:

Six Moments in the Life of a Shadow Digger (Digger & Shadowchild)
This one made me delight in the philosophical conundrums Digger finds herself in when explaining things to Shadowchild. Then it made me laugh at fabulous carnivorous fruit. Then it made me cry, and made my heart swell, and generally left me overwhelmed with feelings. Highly recommended if you know the comics.

Reunion Song Push (2009 movie) (Nick/Cassie, Cassie is 19)
Cassie is so realistically, justifiably angry here, and all her relationships -- with Nick, with her mother, with the world, are so visceral and believable, it makes me ache. There's so much yearning and hope and humaness.

we shoot the scene again and again Push (2009 movie) (Nick/Cassie, Cassie is 18. Content notes: mentions of pregnancy)
This is a fantastic use of both second person POV, and a detailed, fantastically close look at what it would be like as a Watcher. Wonderful descriptions and vivid use of senses.

This side of paradise The Losers (2010) (Cougar/Jensen)
Moving out of the gritty realism into the really funny. 17000 words of Cougar and Jensen going undercover as gay, and I found myself rocking and weeping with laughter. And sometimes shouting at Jensen through my laptop screen. *hearts*

There's kinks in this yarn, but it still knits up fine Knitting (Anthropomorfic)
All the knitting fics were fantastic, frankly, but this one was the stand out for me. The diary of a circular needle who just cannot STAND the thought of knitting another *(@#ing scarf. Luckily, KnitLife.com exists.
Wildly inventive and remarkably sensual, this was delightfully funny, and charming.

Shower poll!
Posting this poll because it's something I've been curious about for a while. And it's nearly research for a fic!... and it's a writing distraction. *cough*



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