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Bang-makers! If you have put a bang in the collection, you have been checked off! You are officially done until the week before reveal, when we'll be poking our noses in to make sure your bangs are complete. Feel free to report in on your progress, but it is no longer required.

Complementers! You are officially on deck! Your official poking and prodding begins now! So it is now vital that you respond to everything you signed up for. If there is something you're not going to complete, for any reason, please let us know - either in the comments here or on the Contact A Mod post. If you have posted your complement to the AO3, you have been checked off and do not need to check in again until the week before reveal (when we'll be looking at all the works for completeness).

Just a reminder, please take a look at the notes about posting and a posting tutorial.

If you have any questions or concerns, please Contact A Mod.

Team Podfic: [personal profile] kisahawklin, [personal profile] lunesque, [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] omens
Team Panacea: [personal profile] mnemmy, [personal profile] james, [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] omens
Team UFO: [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] kisahawklin, [personal profile] donutsweeper
Team Clay's Eleven: [personal profile] mific, [personal profile] kisahawklin
Team Love in the Time of DADT: [personal profile] soniclipstick91, [personal profile] kisahawklin, [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] maharetr
Team HEY BABY HEY: [personal profile] omens, [personal profile] kisahawklin, [personal profile] mific, [personal profile] nagasvoice
Team Kiss It Better!: [personal profile] surgicalstainless, [tumblr.com profile] jinxedambitions
Team Dirty Magic: [personal profile] lisaroquin, [personal profile] mific, [personal profile] nagasvoice, [personal profile] maharetr


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