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Yuletide 2014 letter!
Yuletide writer! Wow, hi, suddenly we're here again! Welcome, if you're new to all this!

Okay, my general likes/dislikes tend to stay the same across the years (see my dear writer tag below if you want to browse past letters), but I reiterate them below, just in case ;)

This year, I'm carrying two old favourites very dear to my heart, and have found two new favourites in the fandom nomination list. The two new fandoms are fresher in my mind, so get All The Rambles. Word count doesn't correspond to amount of love; I would be equally delighted with getitng an Old Faithful filled, so to speak, as I would a more recent-to-me fandom.

Above the cut, general things!
If you're panicking about producing a fic where people have to Do Stuff, and there should probably be Plot and a Story Arc, and Character Development, and Characters Learning Shit! You totally don't have to. I'm all for 1,001 words of lazy Sunday afternoon; a bunch of vignettes or drabbles; a slice-of-life; a five-times fic; a missing scene or chapter, etc etc... I mean, if you've been bitten by a bunny that is all about the Plotty Character Development then shit yeah, run with it and be joyous. But it's not required.

I will say, though, that if you have an idea that you want to write for whatever fandom/s we've matched on? Write it. Ignore whatever I've said below and write it, seriously. If you're having a ball, that shines through no matter what you're writing, and I'll love it, too.

I'm happy with any 'level' of rating and relationship, from gen friendship to no-sex-shown relationship, to graphic, kinky sex. I have a power play kink, but don't feel at all obliged to include that if it's not your cup of tea.

I like complicated, human relationships. The sort of relationships where you know the other person really well -- how to needle and hurt the other person, just as well as how to make them happy, and which option to choose, and keep choosing. I prefer non-miserable endings to peoples' relationships, but take it where the story leads you.

I have a competency-kink a mile long. It doesn't matter what people are doing specifically, anything from baking a cake to putting together machinery. I just really enjoy watching people do things well with assurance and skill. See also: physical competency, the ability to kick someone's butt etc. :D

Intimacy. I don't just mean sex or physical touch -- that ease you get with someone when you've been together forever, and can hang out in their personal space and never bump into them; all the inside jokes you build up; knowing they're okay or not okay at a glance. That sort of thing.

Happy endings, although I get that they might not always be possible. If a happy ending doesn't work for your fic, I'd totally go for bittersweet 'things are still fucked, but we're still together and hanging in there' in its place :D

I have a strong embarrassment/disappointment squick, which mostly manifests in a 'person gets their hopes up about X, and then gets those hopes squashed or gets laughed at.' I can deal with it marginally better if, by the end of the fic, the person has rationalised it as a learning experience/can laugh about it and generally doesn't feel upset anymore.

Alliance-Union by C.J. Cherryh
This is the little unlikely-fill-fandom-hope I keep carrying from Yuletide to Yuletide. :)

I loved Cyteen and Regenesis, and I'm craving Justin/Grant fic to round out the experience for me. The fact that their relationship is canon delights my soul, and those little touches (the horrifying note under Justin's pillow; the delightful moments in the morning after Justin gets back from Playns etc) has left me craving so much more of it (see the intimacy-like above :D). They were under so much pressure for so long and I'd love to see how they helped each other through. I'm happy for there to be explicit sex, fade to black, or no sex at all. Take it where ever you're comfortable :)

Alternately, I am always, always up for Catlin and Florian being competent and awesome. I'd rather they weren't explicitly a couple, but if you happen to have a bunny that includes them being together, then I'm game :)

Alien: Resurrection
Ripley here is competency-kink incarnate for me :D The tension between Ripley and Call was electric, and I love Call desperately *wanting* to be human, as much as I love Ripley looking curiously at her human side, seeming to wonder what it was... Would be delighted by femslash, but would be equally pleased with gen friendship, or a solo character study of either/both of them.

Oh god, the last few eps of this show just about killed me. I specified Jack and David because, well, I figured listing all the characters I would love to get fic about would knock me out of the matching race pretty hard. Both this and Orphan Black were last-minute realisations during sign ups, so I'm slighty more scatterbrained about them.

Scattered thoughts: Jack freaked me out in the last ep or two. I want to believe he can do good -- he's been brutally fucked over by Silas, by so many people. I want to believe that David was someone he could have learned to trust, and been real with while the lights were on -- Bible canon says they were lovers, depending on your interpretation, I wanted to see it, and how that might have developed. Maybe he finds his way out of that room and over the border into Gath. Maybe it's all a fever-dream. Actually, the ending of the show was so unnerving to me that I want a happy ending for that particular arc, even if the show is pointing and laughing at me.

Um, if you ticked Any and are now cursing because you'd rather not write Jack&David or Jack/David (I'm good with either): Thomasina! Mashed all my calm, composed type competency kinks, even if she did side against Jack in the end. I'd love to know her story, and/or her backstory. Or Michelle being very cleverly banished for a year, I don't know how exile works, exactly, but my own headcanon is that she totally went: "Right! to Gath I go!" and finds David.

Side note: I'm totally into religious trappings, if that's also your jam. My reading of the show was that the characters totally believed in the existance of god, even if the show creators didn't. I'm up for genuinely-relgiously-minded characters.

Other side note: There's the potential for Jack to hate Lucinda, and I really don't want to read that. I'm all for Lucinda blossoming into a force to be reckoned with, though :)

Orphan Black
This SHOW, right? I realised after I'd signed up that I was subconsciously angling for 'happy families' which, ahahah, oh, brain. Basically, I love this show so much, but by its very nature, they're in danger and misery all the time (minus awesome clone dance party, but even then, Cosima!) Um, basically I would like them to have a little breather and happy-family time -- maybe a pre-series Christmas, or something (See above about knowing each other really really well). Alt: non-time-specific gathering thing, any and all Clone Club welcome. I love Felix, and how fiercely he and Sarah are siblings even if they're not 'blood'. I ADORE Mrs. S as an IRA-people-smuggler, and how good she is with kids, and I am Very Concerned that the show is steering Mrs. S to be more involved with the Science than I want her to be. I desperately do not want her to be a bad guy.

Or, if you tend towards the darker and grittier than the light and happy -- I'm Totally There for fiecely protective Mrs S being physically and psychologically brutal to keep Felix and Kira and Sarah safe (see: the scene in the safe house, holy shit so amazing).

I hope that helps! If you want more info, or you have questions, you can PM [personal profile] meghanc/[tumblr.com profile] meghantopus and they'll pass messages back and forth accordingly. Good luck, and have fun (and, let's face it, stress the hell out, but I hope the fun and excite balances out!).


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